"Very conscious, attentive and able to construct each training appropriate to my circumstance. Flexible and thoughtful, enough to intercede and change the program for immediate attention to what is required. Aware of long-term benefits and cumulative gain.
Rob Strell

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Athletic Training


Athletic Training Whether you are a weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete, Upward Motion can help you increase your performance without injury. We understand the passion that drives an athlete to excel, and sometimes that passion combined with a bad training program can lead to bad performance, or even worse, injury.

All of our athletic training programs revolve around current research and customized programs tailored to your individual needs. We first start by gathering a complete review of your past medical history, current nutritional status, current workout regimen, and your top three goals. We gather and analyze this information even before your first appointment.

Based on your individual needs and wants, we conduct the necessary tests to help determine the exercise and nutrition plan that is best for you. These tests may include a posture evaluation to determine potential injury, speed, strength, and/or agility based on your sport.

It is through proper evaluation that we can determine the best plan that will increase your athletic performance with the least amount of injury possible.

All our athletic training programs are 1/2 an hour long to provide you with more workouts throughout the week, at half the cost.

» Read Austin's Success Story:

My experience with Luis and Upward Motion was really helpful as I went to relieve my painful back injury. After two months of "staying off of it" and "resting" as directed by my doctor and coaches, I was recommended to go to Upward Motion to get looked at. Right away Luis asked me to just start by doing different movements and rotations; all along he was taking into account awkward motions as I followed his direction. It was amazing the knowledge he had of each function of the muscle, noticing all the little details and also able to answer any questions I had. Next, he took action, following up with a series of deep tissue massages, intensive stretches, and exercises that I could do at home on my road to recovery. He was able to quickly find the troubled spots and anytime something else started to hurt, he was able to fully explain the reason behind it and treat it. The vast amount of information he gave me was really helpful so that I could continue to be active but be able to quickly correct my injury. Because of his help I am now back in my workouts with my football team and know how to properly stretch my back and legs to prevent further injury.

Austin Tidwell
MHS Varsity Football


You can be sure that your athletic performance will increase with the help of Upward Motion Personal Training.

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