"My endurance is 180 degrees from where I started. I watch what I eat. I've dropped 2 dress sizes- Great!!
Ramona Campbell
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Transform your Body & Change your Life Within 1 year or less or your next year is FREE

Our Commitment:
We are so confident in our team of fitness professionals, our cutting edge programs and the customer service that we offer our clients that we are 100% confident that you will dramatically lower your body fat levels, improve your muscle tone, increase your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular stamina, develop better posture, balance and flexibility and get in the best shape of your life within 1 year or less. And if that doesn't happen, your next 12 months of Group Training with us will be FREE!

We are the only facility in the area that stands behind its promises!

Your Commitment:
Clearly we all understand that YOU need to actually do the work to experience life-changing results. Follow our program and get ready for a complete transformation.

  • Follow our UMPT Results Program
  • Complete Daily Activity and Nutrition logs
  • Workout at the facility at least an average of 3 times per week throughout the year
  • Inspiration * Accountability * Fun *Results * Success

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