"Very conscious, attentive and able to construct each training appropriate to my circumstance. Flexible and thoughtful, enough to intercede and change the program for immediate attention to what is required. Aware of long-term benefits and cumulative gain.
Rob Strell

Personal Training
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At Upward Motion Personal Training we believe that a personal trainer is much more than a rep counter, but an inspirer, motivator, educational consultant, and a guide to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Our personal trainers love what they do and it shows through our passion for inspiring you to do your best. It is through this passion that drives us to learn new and innovative exercises, research, and techniques to help you be the healthiest and fittest person you can be.

Our trainers specialize in 3 areas to INSPIRE you to accomplish your health and fitness needs:

» Read Jason's Success Story:

I would first like to give a special thanks to Adelaide, as well, to your entire team for what you have done to help change my life and outlook on possibilities.

I came to Upward Motion very hesitant about what I might get out of a personal training gym. I was a college athlete who was fortunate to have amazing coaches and trainers that forced me to keep fit. When my playing days came to an end, like most I lost the drive to keep myself in the same physical condition. After a whirlwind of life changes that included some very trying times, I severed my ACL and tore my meniscus in 2 locations. After undergoing successful surgery I ended up back in the hospital with a blood clot. I became depressed at not being able to do so many physical activities I had once enjoyed and turned to fast food. Within 6 months of surgery I had put on almost 40lbs and my knee was hurting more and more.

I refused to go to physical therapy because my initial PT didn't give me the time of day but rather treated me like an assembly line rather than a person. After a shocker on the weight scale as well as a nice clean shaven (chubby) face in the mirror, I asked my wife for advice. She urged me to join Upward Motion and get back into some real 1 on 1 training. I finally caved and went to Luis and his team. He introduced me to Adelaide and within 3 months I was running 5-10k again. While I always told myself I enjoyed hiking, biking, etc I never really took the time to actually do any of those activities pre-surgery. However after working with Adelaide, Jamie, Bridget, Luis and Derrick, my eyes opened up to all of those things and I have taken a new passion in the ability to be active.

I told Adelaide what I wanted to do physically and explained what I was used to. She jumped at the chance, and with constant awareness of my physical recovery gave me the tools to get back on track to a healthier more fit life. I love that Upward Motion really is PERSONAL training. I feel at home at Upward Motion. Whether I am taking a class, having a 1 on 1, or in the gym on my own. The whole team is awesome to be around and bring in an energy that makes me want to keep coming! I love the classes offered and because of all the time spent with me, I have learned what I like, what I can strive for, and what is going to keep me motivated to come back. Again, thank you Upward Motion for the new outlook on life, and the new face in the mirror.



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