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"When I started working with Luis my back hurt so bad that I couldn't even stand at the sink to wash the dishes. Now I wash the dishes without even thinking of my back because it doesn't hurt! Also, Luis gave me a meal plan to follow which helped me to lose the weight I wanted to lose and have managed to keep it off."
Theresa Tayfoya
Mission, Vision, Motto


Our vision is to create an environment that creates healthy and positive change in everyone.


To inspire lives to health, fitness, and happiness


1. Inspire lives
2. Welcome and accept change
3. Celebrate success
4. Don't hurt and look down on someone
5. Rely and work with your team
6. Celebrate success as a team, learn and grow from failure as a team


1. Inspire your life by expecting positive results

2. Feel welcomed, make a friend, and have fun while you exercise

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