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Penny Patricia

Chiropractic and Personal training---A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN

We all have quirks in our bodies..some of us have scoliosis, some of us somehow were blessed with necks that have no curve. It is my belief that most of these quirks can be worked with...and pain and discomfort can be avoided. Much of the pain we suffer is from what we do on a daily basis...or what we don't do.

So many things we do in our lives create musculoskeletal imbalances ..driving in a car, sitting at a computer, lifting heavy objects, and even the positions we sleep in can affect how our bodies feel. We need ways to "undo" the tensions we put into our bodies through our daily activities, and if you are ready to do these things quickly and efficiently...try the combination of Chiropractic and Personal Training.

Most people go to a Chiropractic doctor when they have symptoms of pain, tingling, headaches or muscle tightness. Pressure on sensitive nerve tissue will usually result in pain or other neurological symptoms. However, what people learn is that the nervous system, once it is corrected and aligned does a much better job of other important things like digestion, circulation, secretion of hormones, and every function in the body! How can this be? Because the nervous system controls the whole thing. So if you have back pain...treating the cause of the pain is just the beginning of all the things that are possible for you.

How Personal training fits into this picture is that once the spine is getting corrected ...the personal trainer will look at your body and tell you which muscles are out of balance. The trainer will work specifically on these areas and give you homework so that you can begin to hold your adjustments better and better. Just going to a gym and working random muscles doesn't even compare to what you can do in a very short time with a skilled Personal Trainer like Luis.

So in short...if you are ready to change your life, take charge of your body and health...it is my personal experience that Chiropractic and Personal training can get you there fast. You have to be ready...there will be homework to do! It will be a commitment, but it will be worth it because when we feel healthy we have more light and love to give everyone around us.

Dr Kelly Coogan is the owner and operator of New Direction Chiropractic, a healing center in Nob Hill. She practices many different techniques of chiropractic, and also is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute. Dr. Coogan enjoys blending Ayurveda with Chiropractic and Yoga therapy in a philosophy she calls Chiroveda. To check out her website you can go to www.chiroveda.com.

I never thought that I would be someone with a weight problem. I was always a very active kid and did sports all my life, therefore I never really paid attention to what I ate and never really restricted my food intake at all. I also never had a problem with my heigh fluctuating, so I continued to eat what I wanted when I wanted well into my 20's.

My first child was born when I was 24 and I had gained a whopping 60 pounds from that pregnancy. I managed to lose about 20 pounds before my second pregnancy two years later. After my second pregnancy, my scale tipped just south of 200lbs and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to get my weight to reduce.

It took a whole team of people behind me to really turn things around. The team at UMPT kept me accountable on a weekly basis and that in turn helped me stick to my fitness and nutrition regimen. Together as a team we reassessed my goals often and always kept readjusting my workouts and diet to never lose sight of what I had set out to accomplish.

The trainers and coaches at UMPT were my cheerleaders throughout this process and offered me a lot of support and encouragement. Ultimately, I am the one who did the work, but they made it so much easier to stick to the plan

Steve and Liz Earlier this year, Fat Tuesday to be exact (how appropriate!), the two of us were sitting in a booth at our favorite Mexican restaurant pondering our waistlines. The news was not good. Pushing 50, both at least 20 pounds overweight, wearing winter clothes well into Spring to cover bumps and bulges...you get the idea. Years of way too many hours at work, too much good food & drink, not enough physical activity, and a few surgeries between us had taken a toll. Both of us have always been active in sports since childhood and the only thing we had left was skiing. Over the past couple of seasons the skiing had also become more pain and suffering than it was worth, particularly for Steve.

Then one day everything changed. Liz Ann was taking a drive near the office and happened to pass by Upward Motion. After some brief research online, the two of us decided to stop in and check things out. We met with Jami and she told us about a 6:00 AM group session that she ran three days a week. This sounded perfect. We had always discussed the fact that we would never stick to an exercise program for any length of time unless it was first thing in the morning, and unless we did it together. The 6:00 AM "boot camp" sounded like just the ticket. The fact that Upward Motion is only about 5 blocks from our office and the fact that we could both shower and go straight to work afterwards was the icing on the cake.

Now, almost 8 months in, we have turned things around. Both of us have lost over 20 pounds, have much less pain, and are feeling better than we have in years. Old clothes are fitting (some are actually getting too loose!!), and we are excited for the upcoming ski season. Probably the best news of all is that the cholesterol issues Steve has had for the past several years are now gone. The cardio-based, low impact workouts are just what we needed and Jami & Luis are expert at always finding new and interesting ways to keep the muscles confused. We have been members of many gyms in the past and Upward Motion is unlike anything we have ever experienced. We are both extremely grateful for that lucky day this spring when Liz Ann stumbled onto one of the best kept secrets in town.

Thank you Jami and Luis for the profound difference you have made in our lives.

Liz Ann & Steve

I have been a client of upward motion for almost 3 years. Luis did a presentation for my company and I was impressed with his knowledge and his energy. After the meeting I talked with Luis about helping me maintain my upper body strength since I was in a wheelchair and helping me with chronic pain due to multiple back and shoulder surgeries I have had over the years . The trainers I have worked with have always been committed to finding strength exercises I can do in my chair and helping me with pain control. I am extremely happy with the services upward motion has provided! I always recommend upward motion to anyone who is thinking about getting a personal trainer. They are the best!

Signed, a happy client.
Dave Kingsbury

Thank you for all of your wonderful help and encouragement these past months. I have developed an entirely new approach for eating and for exercise, and the difference has made an enormous impact in my waist- and my life. I really believe that it is because of my new approach to nutrition- which I got from Upward Motion- that I am going to be able to eat right for this baby. I appreciate you, and know that I will be looking to you in October to getting rid of my baby weight!!


"He is great! He isn't making it easy for me but he's not making it impossible. Just enough to push me and when I need it, he gives me a little push. He's making it a great experience."
David Toler

"Jami and JD are good at motivating clients. Weekly routines are varied and never boring!"
Virginia Stephen

"Jami is a great motivator. She makes me want to keep coming."
Patsy Guzman

"Jami is very positive in her approach. She makes the class fun and enjoyable and never tells us to be quiet if we are complaining a lot."
Jena Pappas

My remarks are very sincere! I don't throw around praise lightly...as you know :) I do feel that you are the best trainer I have met in ABQ and I share that opinion with other club industry folks and my students frequently. I have also had several assistant instructors over the past 3 years for WITS and again I feel you are the best of the bunch. I would feel safe sending my mother to you (unfortunately she recently passed away...but you get my point) or any other potential client. I would be happy to assist you in any way I can because I believe in your product!

Karen Bacher, MS, MEd, CPT
"1 Fit Chick" Personal Training Service

I would like to thank Luis and his team for providing a safe and productive environment. Luis was able to recognize my problem and address it directly, with outstanding results. Because of his knowledge and insight I am able to perform my daily activities with little or no pain, and added strength. His studio is clean and efficient, and he is well versed in the use of all his equipment.

Paul W.

Thanks, in large part, to your help, I was able to run my first road race in 10 months yesterday, the 5K at the zoo. I felt only slight twinges in my hips and right knee by the end of the race, and had no pain afterwards. And despite having done hardly any aerobic training, I managed to take 3rd in my age group. There are advantages to getting older--only 9 men in my age group.

Thanks for helping to get me there,


Dear Upward Motion,
I would first like to give a special thanks to Adelaide, as well, to your entire team for what you have done to help change my life and outlook on possibilities.

I came to Upward Motion very hesitant about what I might get out of a personal training gym. I was a college athlete who was fortunate to have amazing coaches and trainers that forced me to keep fit. When my playing days came to an end, like most I lost the drive to keep myself in the same physical condition.

After a whirlwind of life changes that included some very trying times, I severed my ACL and tore my miniscus in 2 locations. After undergoing successful surgery I ended up back in the hospital with a blood clot. I became depressed at not being able to do so many physical activities I had once enjoyed and turned to fast food. Within 6 months of surgery I had put on almost 40lbs and my knee was hurting more and more. I refused to go to physical therapy because my initial PT didn't give me the time of day but rather treated me like an assembly line rather than a person.

After a shocker on the weight scale as well as a nice clean shaven (chubby) face in the mirror, I asked my wife for advice. She urged me to join upward motion and get back into some real 1 on 1 training. I finally caved and went to Luis and his team. He introduced me to Adelaid and within 3 months I was running 5-10k again. While I always told myself I enjoyed hiking, biking, etc I never really took the time to actually do any of those activities pre-surgery. However after working with Adelaid, Jamie, Bridget, Luis and Derrick, my eyes opened up to all of those things and I have taken a new passion in the ability to be active.

I told Adelaide what I wanted to do physically and explained what I was used to. She jumped at the chance, and with constant awareness of my physical recovery gave me the tools to get back on track to a healthier more fit life.

I love that Upward Motion really is PERSONAL training. I feel at home at Upward Motion! Whether I am taking a class, having a 1 on 1, or in the gym on my own. The whole team is awesome to be around and bring in an energy that makes me want to keep coming! I love the classes offered and because of all the time spent with me, I have learned what I like, what I can strive for, and what is going to keep me motivated to come back.

Again, thank you Upward Motion for the new outlook on life, and the new face in the mirror.


"Fit by 50" was my motto when I joined Jami and Luis at Upward Motion 6 months before my 50th birthday. I had struggled with trying to lose weight all through my 40's and I believed that if it didn't happen before I turned 50, then it never would. I started working out with Jami 4 hours a week doing P-90x. I enjoyed the small class and was very committed to coming each day. My strength and endurance increased steadily, but I was still struggling with the diet. I tried various diet concoctions all to no avail. It seemed like I was always either on a diet or cheating on a diet; it just wasn't happening.

Well, my 50th came and went and still no weight loss, but I did not let that discourage me from exercising, because at least I was feeling better. Then, just before the holidays, Luis told me about the Ideal Protein program. "Your Last Diet", the brochure stated. When I read about it I thought "this is the one for me". I have done well in the past on low carb diets, but could I stick with it? I decided I would wait until after the New Year, because who wants to be on a diet during the holidays.

Luis would periodically check in with me to see if I had contacted the local distributor and, well, I never did. Then, sometime in February Jami told me that she and Luis were going to start the Ideal Protein program at Upward Motion. Without hesitation I said "sign me up!" I was excited not only about the program, but about the convenience of having it available where I come to exercise anyway.

In March I started on the plan and have never looked back. I started losing right away and didn't feel hungry or deprived. The food was actually better than I expected and my grocery bill even went down. My weight loss goal was 1-2 pounds a week and within two months I had exceeded that goal. I am now at MY ideal weight, well within the range for my height. I started out in the "obese" category for BMI and now am in the "normal" category, a place I haven't seen in more than 15 years! I have lost 35+ pounds, gone down 4 pants sizes, and have had to purchase a whole new wardrobe. I am no longer needing my asthma inhaler before I exercise, my knees don't hurt anymore, and I am even able to wear high heels again.

Indeed, the diet was the one for me, but what has really kept me going is the support and encouragement I get weekly from Jami, Luis, and the rest of the staff at Upward Motion. I cannot thank them enough for helping me beat the odds and lose the weight, even after 50. This is a diet you can really LIVE with.


Due to medical issues I faced in my forties, I celebrated my 50th birthday 90 pounds overweight, plagued with poor physical stamina and balance and even poorer self-esteem. I tried to lose the weight and get fit on my own but my success was very limited. In desperation, I finally sought out a personal trainer and found Bridget Wilding at Upward Motion.

Bridget is helping me change my life. She coaches me through one-on-one training and helps me get more out of the additional workouts I make time for on my own. We discuss my food choices and exercise habits, building on my growing list of successes. In four short months, I have lost 25 pounds. It won't be long before I've lost all 90 pounds and gained significant muscle tone, strength and balance. With the help of Bridget and the additional encouragement of the entire team at Upward Motion, I am finding the inner drive I had lost and am working to secure a longer and healthier life for myself.

Dawn Matson

Elizabeth The "S" Factors are helping me to obtain my Health Goals @ Upward Motion Personal Training Studio.

The First "S" Factor at the Upward Motion Studio that capture my attention: Stimulus Fitness Package. During the Spring of 2009, so much attention was on the Financial Stimulus, a newsletter arrived in the mail were the owner of Upward Motion Personal Training Studio, Luis Alvidrez had written in his newsletter that he had heard various individuals concerns who would like to attend his Personal Training Studio that finances were an issue. Thus, a Fitness Stimulus Package was offered for 8 weeks which started on April 12, 2009, and ending June 5, 2009. The times and finances was just what caught my attention by training with a group of people: three times a week and three different times a day: 6a, 12p & 6p. WOW! Literature supports one should exercise at least three times a week and having been training with a personal trainer, I could not afford the added expense to increase my training time with an individual personal trainer.

The Second "S" Factor: SMILES. The smiles receives from the staff upon my arrival each session helped me to feel good about myself, it made be feel happy to be there (even though it was at 6 in the morning), and their smiles encouraged me to workout beyond my comfort level. An addition bonus upon completion of a session was an occasional, the high five sign.

The Third "S" Factor: SHEDDING OF INCHES AND POUNDS. Jami Brokaw, is a Senior Active Care Specialist at the Training Studio completed my body measurement and weight when I started and at the conclusion of the Stimulus Exercise Package. What a tremendous shock with the total number of inches lost 23 and 4 pounds lost in eight weeks.

Currently, I feel much younger than my age, my weight has vastly improved to a low weight that I have not experienced for nearly 30 years and my ultimate goal is to look like Luis Alvidrez, mother who could really past for Luis's sister. The Group Training is on going and each individual trains at their own level: newbie, moderate or advance level. Luis and his staff will help you obtain your individualize health goals. Come join me at the studio & you will receive multiple health benefits.

Elizabeth McKinney
Nursing Supervisor at Presbyterian Hospital

Adam When I began working with Luis, I was strictly concerned about my diet. I worked out 4-5 per week, but was not experiencing much change my body, I was sluggish, sleepy, and felt so "out-of-shape" (physically and mentally). My original goal was to gain 15 pounds, so I asked Luis to help me do so without putting on much fat. He talked me through some of my eating habits, and asked that I begin by keeping a journal. Wow…I ate terrible…a lot of fast food, skipping breakfast, way too much protein and supplements...not good.

Luis gave me a phased approach to becoming healthy. We began by meeting weekly, he would educate me on nutrition, look at my meals for the week and provide healthy alternatives for some of the food I was eating. He didn't change everything all at once, instead he would have me focus on one or two good habits per week. First, I focused on eating 5-6/day (eat normally, just more frequently), then he began cleaning up my diet. I was amazed, I lost 10 pounds in a couple of months. While losing weight wasn't my goal, it felt great and much more natural.

Once I had nutrition licked, we moved onto training sessions. I had been lifting weights on my own for about 5 years before hand…it wasn't 15 minutes into my first workout with Luis that I realized that I was doing a lot of things incorrectly. My form needed correcting (I wasn't nearly as strong when I did the exercise the right way…strange how that works), and I needed a lot of stretching. I was extremely impressed at Luis' ability to watch me perform a set and not only identify the problem, but provide a completely different exercise/stretch to correct it. Some issues were corrected immediately, others were corrected over time.

After approximately 6 months of working with Luis, I realized that gaining 15 pounds was no longer a desire, instead I was much more interested in doing things to promote a healthy lifestyle. With my improved diet, I was so excited about how I felt that I wanted to define my body to feel/look athletic again. Since, I have increased muscle, decreased my fat percentage and feel like a new person.

Luis has really helped me to understand how the body processes food and water. It is very empowering to be in control of what I intake, and to know the affect it will have on my body. My perception of "fitness" has completely changed…I encourage anyone that is interested in improving their life/health, to take 20 minutes out of your day and sit down with Luis, I think any of his clients will tell you, it is well worth your time.…we invest so much time and money into the "things" around us…why not invest in yourself?

Luis – thanks for your help!

Adam Chavez
Account Executive (INXI)

Kat and Luis As far as my health was concerned, I hit rock bottom in October of 2007. It was at that moment in life, at the age of 43, when I realized that if I didn't do something drastic to improve my health and well being that my future was sure to be plagued with health problems. I experienced headaches almost on a daily basis and what was really beginning to frighten me was the pain I was feeling in my joints. The fact that I recently gained 16 pounds added to my frustration and sense of being out of control.

In January of 2008, I finally made the decision to do something with my health. In March of 2008, I went on a 21 day detox diet. I cut out all junk food, sugar and caffeine and went on a diet of supplements and live juices. My headaches and the pain in my joints disappeared!

I now had hope of a healthy future but I still needed to do more. As far as strength and muscle tone were concerned, I had very little. And my diet still needed a lot of work. I knew that if I was to continue this journey back to health, I needed someone to educate me further on nutrition, teach me how to build my body, and hold me accountable through the process. If I could get someone to work with me for six weeks then I would be fine.

I began working with Luis Alvidrez in August of 2008. Luis saw that I needed short term goals for me to get a sense of accomplishment. He started very slow, but with each week he added more and more to my workout. It was encouraging and exciting to work with someone so passionate about living a positive, healthy lifestyle. What gave me encouragement was that I realized Luis had a plan and could see the path even when I could not. It's very easy for me to get too distracted or tired or busy to work out. I decided, with Luis, the most important step was for me to focus on showing up and he knew how to then get the most from me during the work-out. My six-week plan has now been going on for nine months. My muscle tone and strength is at a point that I could not anticipate a year ago. In addition to getting stronger and leaner, Luis has been instrumental in improving my nutritional habits resulting in increased energy. Needless to say, the 16 pounds of fat I gained is now in the past where it belongs!

What I started to accomplish on my own over a year ago has been met with the motivation and program that Luis has personalized for my goals. Luis has truly influenced my lifestyle and I am looking forward to where this path he has laid out leads me a year from now.

Kathleen Chaves
(President of Airport Parking)

I have lost 15 lbs. And have more energy. Luis's program is perfect for me. It gives me strength and flexibility, but is not to strenuous for me. Luis keeps me motivated without pushing me. He keeps me looking forward to changes in my program to keep it fun and to keep my interest. My back has always been an issue for me. Luis has taught me several easy but effective exercises to keep my back pain away.

Roseann Page
(Chief Administrative Officer for Joy Junction)

Chad What you do helps people's lives! It is a great gift you have, thanks for all your effort.

Chad Padilla
(General Manager of the Socha Company)

Gary When I added a session at upward Motion for my staff once a week I expected this to help with employee retention. It did that , but it had an unexpected benefit. My company's morale and productivity increased dramatically. A major cost for the business is health insurance. This is a must; however the money we spend
with Luis has a much greater impact. I would highly recommend this for key employees.

Gary Socha
(President of the Socha Company)

I just wanted to take a minute and thank -you for all the work you have done with Desert Oasis Recovery. Your participation in our journey of recovery has been unparralled and we can't thank you enough. You give our clients the tools they need to make better choices and help them begin to live better lives. Fighting addiction is always hard and what we have discovered is the body and soul are so connected that we cannot get one well without the other. Your approach to wellness incorporates both the phsyical being and the reasons below the surfice that often keep us engaging in poor choices. Once we put down the drugs or aclohol we often replace them with sugar and carbs and your ability to help our clients understand that those choices can be replaced with better ones and the emotional payoff for those better choices is unbelieveable.

Your work that you did with our client that had chronic back pain and was addicted to painkillers and alcohol was amazing. She was convinced she would be on pain meds for life and yet when she left she was drug free and her pain was mangaged with ibprophren. She could not even move her back and was completely hunched over and she can exercise and move about freely...Thats just one of many andt hat's what we are all about and again, we cant thank-you enough for your part in our journey of recovery and one by one the lives we touch!!!

Thank-you and God Bless!

Tami Pacheco
Executive Director and
The Staff of
Desert Oasis Recovery

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