"I have lost 15 lbs. And have more energy. Luis's program is perfect for me. It gives me strength and flexibility, but is not to strenuous for me."
Roseann Page

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Lose weight and keep it off With the weight loss coaching program, the emphasis is placed on revving up your metabolism through the demands of a regular and committed exercise plan. The weight loss coaching offered by Upward Motion Personal Training and its team of certified personal trainers will bring your weight loss goals and time targets to fruition.

After the initial consultation which is always free, your trainer will help you define a plan of action that includes one-on-one workouts at the facility, additional workouts to do on your own, and nutritional recommendations (but no diet per se).

To lose weight your workout program, whether it’s done with a personal trainer or done by participating in a group training class, has to be done consistently. Recently Upward Motion Personal Training incorporated two new group training programs into the company’s weekly schedule. The first new one is called Shockwave and the second one is called Indo-Row. Both programs are proving to be very successful throughout the country. The programs help participants burn tons of calories, sculpt their bodies and help them get into great cardio shape. We want everyone in Albuquerque to be able to lose weight successfully and we know these two new group training programs we are now offering will help us help our clients lose the weight, get healthy and stay that way.

In order to keep our clients accountable, measurements and a picture (optional) are taken on day 1 of the program and repeated every two weeks until the program is successfully completed.

Exercise workouts - all your exercise workouts will be strictly developed and customized for you based on the HIIT principles. This will allow for more fat burn, increased cardiovascular health and fitness, lean and tone muscles, and in half the time as traditional workouts.

Albuquerque Weight Loss is literally right around the corner for people wanting to get fit, lose weight and get healthy because Upward Motion Personal Training is located close to the center of town. The company is located near Highland High School and its address is 336 Adams St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108.

Your workouts with your trainer will only consist of 25 minutes. This will allow you to get more times in the studio for more workouts throughout the week and will save you twice the money. Trust us, 25 minutes is plenty of time to get in a great workout.

We also offer great group exercise classes that you can pair up with your personal training sessions that are based on HIIT principles as well.

Nutritional programs:
Nutrition is the backbone to any weight-loss program. Nutrition accounts for at least 70% of your weight loss results.

The problem with most nutritional programs is that individuals lack the discipline to stay on a healthy nutritional program or don't have sound educational principles that help lose weight.

At Upward Motion Personal Training we understand the pitfalls most people have, because a lot of our personal trainers had to go through them themselves to lose the weight. Read Luis' or Jami's biography.

We have two programs to help you lose the weight you are looking for:
Personal Training
If you lack the discipline and/or knowledge to stick with a sound nutritional program, then one of our personal trainers can help you. Our personal trainers will guide you on a weekly basis to eat the foods you need to lose weight and keep losing weight. They will also maintain constant communication with you throughout the week to keep you disciplined to stick with your nutritional program.

Read How Personal Training Helped Dawn

Due to medical issues I faced in my forties, I celebrated my 50th birthday 90 pounds overweight, plagued with poor physical stamina and balance and even poorer self-esteem. I tried to lose the weight and get fit on my own but my success was very limited. In desperation, I finally sought out a personal trainer and found Bridget Wilding at Upward Motion.

Bridget is helping me change my life. She coaches me through one-on-one training and helps me get more out of the additional workouts I make time for on my own. We discuss my food choices and exercise habits, building on my growing list of successes. In four short months, I have lost 25 pounds. It won't be long before I've lost all 90 pounds and gained significant muscle tone, strength and balance. With the help of Bridget and the additional encouragement of the entire team at Upward Motion, I am finding the inner drive I had lost and am working to secure a longer and healthier life for myself.


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